Thought is made in the mouth: An open call for submissions

“Dip your pen into a black liquid with manifesto intentions—it’s only your autobiography that you’re hatching under the belly of the flowering cerebellum.” -Tristan Tzara

In this, our inaugural edition, I’d like to proclaim a list of goals which through the work of this blog, we may realize together. Today I add my own goals, my own ambitions, but in a matter of moments, may they give way to the dreams of all participants, working together to forge a universal community of artists, thinkers, writers, and anyone dedicated to manifesting POETRY.

You are welcome to contribute, comment, and submit any poetry, non-fiction, reviews, manifestoes etc., regardless of any and all affiliations. The primary goal of this blog is the creation of an online journal and above all welcomes anyone willing to take part in the realization of this goal. We have no special talent except the desire to participate.

Our goals are open ended. Your participation is the only factor which will determine the progress of this endeavor. Otherwise, I remain alone, drifting, and without the community which I and so many others seek. Art is only alive when artists work to lift each other up, otherwise, we submit ourselves to estrangement, alienation, and exploitation.


Thank you for your help! I look forward to reading your work and hearing your ideas. All submissions will receive personal feedback.

“No domain has been specified, a priori, for this undertaking, and surrealism proposes a gathering of the greatest possible number of experimental elements, for a purpose that cannot yet be perceived. All those who have the means to contribute, in any fashion, to the creation of genuine surrealist archives, are urgently requested to come forward: let them shed light on the genesis of an invention, or propose a new system of psychic investigation, or make us the judges of striking coincidences, or reveal their most instinctive ideas on fashion, as well as politics, etc., or freely criticize morality, or even simply entrust us with their most curious dreams and with what their dreams suggest to them.”


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